A team with a vision
and the dedication
to turn it into reality.

Strong, passionate and highly experienced executives in the chemical industry, innovation and capital investments.


Our mission.

Becoming a global reference on how to make industries sustainable and circular by doing it!

The goal is to have a genuine impact on transitioning towards a more sustainable economy. By focusing on removing obstacles for more circular materials through the creation and/or growth of specific solution companies, we can substantially reduce the overall carbon footprint, plastic waste pollution and improper use of feedstocks. And we want to do this is in an economically viable and profitable way.

To each of us at Triple Helix, this is not just a company mission but much more a personal burning desire.



Our success depends on the famous 3 C's: credibility, credibility and credibility. Because of this, our core and extended team members not only bring their functional expertise to the table. They also have a very strong market reputation as authentic leaders in their field.

Because of our rapid growth, we invite you to follow our company LinkedIn page for more details and updates on our team.


FOUNDing Partner

Steven Peleman

Apart from a track record in setting up and coaching ventures or running innovation portfolio’s of chemical corporations, Steven has a strong international reputation in open innovation and go-to-market of disruptive initiatives. He is a creative expert in sustainability & the circular economy beyond in chemical corporations.

Steven has also been an alpine ski racer for over 35 years, making him an eye witness of the devastating effects of climate change on our glaciers.

“Creative expert, visionary entrepreneur and executive in industrial sustainability & the circular economy.”


Jan Adriaenssen - Denis Hicks - Sofie Baeten - Erik Kiekens

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Our partners.

In an inherently multi-disciplinary domain, a superior partner ecosystem is therefore a prerequisite. We are particularly proud of the below partners.

Group 7841@2x

Triple Helix HQ and innovation hub for the Antwerp chemicals cluster.


The world's first true Sustainable Chemistry incubator.

Group 7840@2x

Early stage research, tech transfer and go-to-market partner for a.o. biopolymer opportunities.

KU Leuven

Top level academic expertise and entrepreneurial partnership.

We pride ourselves on our many referrals by prestigious law and family offices as well as portfolio managers, investment bankers and fund managers.


Legal and financial support for creating holding and trading companies.

Metiscorp LU

triple helix cpiv2

Partner for multimedia campaigns.

CPi Consulting

Marketing support and digital presence.

Creative breeding ground for innovation in smart materials and sustainable manufacturing.


Collaborative innovation hub and scale-up facility site.

Brightlands Chemelot