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Sustainability accelerator for the chemical, energy and waste management industries.

We organize and deliver impact investments in sustainability.


Over the last 30 years, we have been involved in pushing the innovation envelope from various angles. In hindsight and without realizing it, we have also done quite some work in what is now called sustainability and the circular economy. However, following a trip to Chamonix Mont-Blanc where we were shocked by the state of the Mer de Glace glacier and after an executive retreat called 72 Hours Unplugged, we decided to fully focus on combining our innovation, R&D, go to market and financial expertise to have positive impact.

We feel there is too much talking and reporting going on, whereas the only turnaround will be based upon new product portfolios, production processes and business models. Because traditional market dynamics and company governance rarely promote disruption, we have designed a new approach that allows open and more daring innovation 'venture style' together with an alternative way of financing such initiatives.


Creating & managing venture portfolios for maximum impact and scalable returns.

In brief, we design and aggregate relevant investment portfolios in thematic domains that are in need of breakthroughs. Such portfolios are a mix of accelerated go-to-market ventures, application development and more basic research. Always to the benefit of all stakeholders involved and society at large, hence our designation 'zero-plus ventures' as no stakeholder wins at the cost of another. Because we are only looking at challenges too big or complex to handle within a single company, we are always operating in open innovation or collaborative research mode and quite often in a consortium or public private partnership set-up. Needless to say impact investors, philantropy investors and family offices also play a very important role alongside traditional capital market players.

Because of the independence between project partners and often more patient financial support, we cannot be held hostage by dominant organizations. This gives us the freedom to work on solutions that are necessary despite the complexity or estimated go-to-market.

In order to be successful, we form teams, guerilla teams if you will, with senior executives, technology aces and influencers specialized in each of those thematic areas. We really need the best of the best in each topic and functional line of business.


Our accelerators.

Innovation, venturing, investment management and in fact entrepreneurial success all benefit from ruthless execution and discipline of a clear vision. This means focus. The more disruptive the initiatives however, the more unpredictable the path to success becomes. This in turn requires enough freedom to consider and switch between alternative options as more information comes in. In addition we realize that despite our past careers, we need to further build credibility with first successes.

To swing the odds in our favor, we have selected 3 consecutive areas we have been working on in the past. This way we can stay close to home and have a head start. We will be working on sustainable Chemistry first with a major focus using polyurethanes as a catalyst. This automatically leads to a lot of work in the recycling of waste streams, polymers and other, which is a second platform. A third and straightforward area of focus will be alternative fuels, with electrification and hydrogen as main contenders to help reduce CO2 emissions.


Sustainable Chemistry - MDI polyurethanes & friends.

Polyurethanes is an incredibly interesting and rich branch of the chemical industry. A limited number of players, high entry barriers, difficult and sensitive operations, versatile Chemistry with stakes in almost all end markets and most plants are running flat out, because all material is sold. Once fully reacted, PU is also an important driver of sustainability, for instance as the best insulating material available. Unfortunately, during its production process, PU is quite toxic. On top of that, PU is mostly converted in resins that are hard to recycle or not at all recyclable. This can and must change, as stated by industry professionals that want to participate. And this is exactly what we will help realize.

Polyurethane foam, close-up
Polyurethane foam, close-up


We are only at the beginning of the recycling and upcycling revolution. Our platform will look into both chemical and mechanical recycling initiatives in order to establish a more balanced view on recycling options for the circular economy. We will in addition use our open inovation and financial background to work out circular value chains for such projects. This is the only way to construct ecosystem stability, avoid free riders and have a positive payback for all.


Alternative fuel.

Does anyone need to be convinced that burning fossil fuels is no longer the solution of the future? We need to come up with valid alternatives at large scale fast to cut back on CO2 and other emissions. This platform is directed at specific initiatives, lighthouse projects, that pave the way for an overall transition. Of course, the biggest Industrial forces are also involved here, but just as in recycling, it will be a dominant ecosystem and not a dominant single player to save the day. This is where we come in, from small local to international project consortia on pragmatic, entreprneurial energy transition.

Polyurethane foam, close-up
Concept car uses hydrogen fuel


Independence to do what everyone agrees upon needs to happen implies proper funding from various sources. Crucial is a positive return linked to a positive impact. Usually, it's one or the other. Are returns lower? Sometimes, but not necessarily over the entire portfolio. Are lead times longer? Certainly for some projects, but others can go to market very rapidly. Needless to say there is a sense of urgency...

Our returns and in fact our entire financial structure is tailored to what we wish to finance as portfolios. This means we agree what we want to develop or launch and then we look at the business case and expected ROI, not the other way around.
Do you wish to support us in this cause? Please join us! We'll create or find the deals.



Many teams or people are sitting on valuable knowledge that urgently needs to see the light of day. Together we can make this happen. Do you have an idea or technology that needs funding and/or an organizational structure to help you? Please contact us and we can work out a solution.

The Guerilla Expert Team

Each individual is a seasoned expert in a crucial area we need to make this work. Apart from their functional expertise, our team members also have a joint belief about what we are doing. In fact, we have confidence and wish to inspire others to join in!

Founding partner
Steven Peleman
Creative expert in sustainability & the circular economy in and beyond PU chemicals.
Connecting corporates with ventures, business with technology and entrepreneurship with policy making and academia.
Founding partner
Jan Adriaenssen

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