Material Impact

The world's first vertically integrated processing company offering industry and society a complete reversed value chain.

This way, we are closing the loop from end-of-life to several forms of reuse. Indeed we are pragmatically inserting specific chemistries and materials into the circular economy.

From a burning platform to a fire within!

Triple Helix
as a launch pad
for sustainability

Over the last 30 years, we have been involved in pushing the Industrial innovation envelope in a linear world. A world in which the 'TAKE - MAKE - WASTE' paradigm ruled and still rules.

Because of the state our world is in, we decided to lead by example and go all in on the transition towards more sustainability and more circular use of materials. Not by talking about it, but by doing it.

To move from linear to circular value chains of specific materials means redesigning those value chains and complementing them from the end-of-life of products to reentry in the same or other applications and if necessary after conversion steps.

This entails providing solutions in many areas ranging from logistics to ICT support, mechanical and chemical recycling infrastructure and of course finding outlets for recycled materials through new product portfolios and business model innovation. It even involves new ways of looking at financial valuation mechanisms.

At the end of the day, our ambition is to offer Molecules as a Service together with entire ecosystems of partners.

In short, we decided to actively contribute and take matters into our own hands, because we can already see the consequences of a 1°C global warming, let alone 2 to 3. In addition, pollution and biodiversity challenges pose immediate threats, so we explicitly wish to participate in generating a turning point to help safeguard our planet and its future generations.

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