Moving the needle in sustainable chemistry and recycling by means of a genuine circular material processing company.

For specific material streams we try to close the loop by building or complementing value and supply chains. We do this by engaging in structural collaborations or we simply buy & build components for scale-up.

What we offer our stakeholders

Know-how and the means to get things done.

Industrial companies are offered all necessary steps of a reversed value chain, whereas local entrepreneurs, SME's, governments and individual consumers are offered a hassle-free, connected ecosystem in which materials can be collected, repurposed and redistributed in support of a more circular economy.

We offer all aspects, because only a holistic and synergetic approach will work. An economically viable one as well, if we wish to have a systemic change.

Our services and functional solutions

A unique and synergetic harmony of 4 essential building blocks


A scalable solution of connected logistics from front door to local sorting & recycling sites and back to valuable repurposing in products or to recycled industrial feedstock.

Important is the superfluous flowing of learnings on how to upcycle or repurpose in economically viable terms the wide variety of waste streams currently generated by consumers and businesses.

through our franchise logistics solution we can indeed connect small-scale, local, fragmented collection with large-scale, input quality sensitive (re-)production hubs.


The circular economy’s digital twin for identification, track & trace, dispatching, regulatory, authentication and peer 2 peer entrepreneurship of recycling.

Apart from the typical ERP, CRM and reporting functionalities, we are also offering very specific and tailored solutions in the area of waste management, recycling, circular valuation and regulatory compliance. We use this solution for our own operations, but we also offer these services to other companies and organizations.

In fact, we want to build an inverted retail system the world has never seen.


Triple Helix wishes to provide Infrastructure as a Service for local organic waste conversion on MatLoop connected sites or on stand-alone sites. In addition we are offering mechanical recycling enterprises the equipment they need to boost new circular business models and applications;

Our infratsructure offering encompasses but is not limited to for instance anaerobic digestors, (catalytic) biochar installations, waste to hydrogen pilots and many more tools.



Where MatLoop, LoopIT and BioLoop are necessary but not sufficient pieces of the puzzle (i.e. the value chain), Molecules as a Service or M.a.a.S. is really the core of what we want to offer.

Triple Helix M.a.a.S. is a vertically integrated processing company that takes specific end-of-life chemicals or materials and offers all options to decontaminate, resize, upgrade and recycle or even upcycle them into a next life. And many lives after...

In addition, we help look for alternative uses of these recycled materials supporting entrepreneurs or markets to embrace these materials in the new circular economy.


Your rationale to team up with us

USP's for a Real Deal


Sector and Subject Matter Expertise

Highly reputable investment professionals all confirm the strength of having industry entrepreneurs in the lead of our investment strategy. We have lived and breathed chemicals and we know where it hurts as well as where the opportunities are situated. Moreover, we know how to run innovation projects, chemical development cycles and companies in or adjacent to the chemical industry. Why? Because this is what we've done before. We just chose to turn this experience to better use for the sake of everyone, investors and society at large.

Unique Complementary Functional Team Skills

Quite often buy & build or investment heavy portfolios are managed by financial experts and lawyers. Those profiles are indeed also part of our team, but on top of that, we can build upon the authority and experience of our innovation experts, captains of industry, heavy-duty entrepreneurs, investors and many more.

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Relevant Local & Global Network and Partnership Leverage

Our founding partners and core team can achieve a lot, but it is our respective networks and the inherent partnerships out of those networks that really leverage our own skills and hence our impact. With this connectivity we can get access to almost all necessary people and resources to materialize our intentions.

Time, Place and Opportunity Matched with Passion, Energy and Credibility

Stating that the time is now is unmistakenly true. Nevertheless, those standing up are quite often not the ones who can really force a breakthrough. It will take credible, authentic industry leaders to support the transition. On a more personal level, you will have a hard time finding a more colorful pallet of individuals with such passion, energy and determination to have a positive impact. Indeed, it almost seems as if this core team was meant to come together and has been preparing this initiative throughout our respective careers.

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