Providing sustainable chemistry initiatives with financial and managerial support, while offering investors economically sound and impactful deals.

Entrust us with the means or the opportunity to realize returns and sustainable impact! In addition, benefit from ecosystem synergies in our value network of participations.

What we offer you

Financial and entrepreneurial investments in sustainable chemistry

Triple Helix focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable chemistry. We manage an independent impact investment company that invests in scalable companies and initiatives that boost sustainability in the chemical sector. We also advise clients with respect to realizing their innovative circular or sustainability initiatives. Our team combines longstanding experience in the chemical sector with pioneering investing and advisory experience in impact investing, open innovation and sustainability.

The chemical industry needs to be the key driver of a bio-based and circular economy. However, the transition from fossil-based to bio-based inputs is not going fast enough. Currently, many sustainability initiatives focus on optimizing the use of the existing flow of material, but not enough on how the material itself can be made and applied more sustainably.
Triple Helix is active in the chemical sector across the entire value chain. From base chemical production to manufacturers and service providers in end markets. As we all know, the chemical industry consumes large volumes of petroleum-based inputs, and apart from its processing outputs like plastics it is also responsible at least in part for undesirable waste streams and harmful emissions. We focus on 'sustainable chemistry', because improving smart design, production and use of materials has significant potential to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. Simply put, our mission is to make the chemical sector more sustainable.

The main focus of our investment strategy is sustainable polymers. Polymers are mostly associated with plastics (synthetic polymers), but also exist in natural forms, such as in wood and rubber. From water bottles, insulation panels, glues, paints to gadgets and tires – polymers are present in almost every aspect of daily life. We believe that real change and innovation in the polymer (processing) industry can only come from new product portfolios, revised production processes and alternative business models.

Our theory of change is based on the idea that real turnarounds in key value chains need to be driven by end markets. As buyers in end markets require more sustainable products, suppliers across the value chain will also have to adapt and innovate. Because traditional market dynamics and company governance in the chemical sector rarely promote this degree of disruption, we have designed a new approach that enables and stimulates open and more daring ‘venture style’ innovation, together with alternative ways of financing such initiatives.
We aspire to help the chemical industry transform. In order to realize our ambitious mission, this transformation needs to go hand in hand with strong financial returns. Therefore, we create and invest in economically sound business cases that serve both purposes. Our approach is pro-active, professional and hands-on.

The issues we are dealing with are big and complex, and solutions need to be long-term and large-scale. Through our combined pioneering experience in sustainable chemistry, its sector dynamics, impact investing and open innovation, we learned that no organization can do this alone. Also, impact investing is most effective when a clear, focused investment strategy is part of a coordinated effort together with ‘triple helix partners’ of government, academia and industry. Therefore, we consider it our mission to help build a sophisticated ecosystem in which groundbreaking industrial entrepreneurship can flourish and result in long-term systemic change.

Our approach

Essential ingredients
of our approach

Sustainability Impact Screening

As we do for all target investments in our portfolio, we assess each initiative upon its sustainability impact. This means that depending on the specific case we investigate the LCA (life cycle assessment), the toxicology aspect and a scoring in terms of the 'theory of change'. With factual data we wish to have a clear picture of how each investment would have a positive impact on society.

Economic and Technological Due Dilligence

Similar to traditional investment analysis and due dilligence, we realize that true sustainability efforts can only 'be sustainable' and credible in the long run if they are also economically viable. In addition, we wish to move towards a technology base that is inherently more sustainable. For this step, we use a very detailed process that takes us from market attractiveness research all the way to very technical scrutiny. It also means we stick to science and not to public opinion or emotions.

Synergetic Ecosystem Integration

The proof of the pudding... We take investments way beyond financial engineering skills and actually run business or help take them to the next level. In addition, we limit the overall number of concurrent investments to make sure we can at all times optimize synergies between our assets and engagements. In our buy, transform & hold approach each new stake also needs to reinforce the overall system.

Your rationale to team up with us

USP's for a Real Deal


Sector and Subject Matter Expertise

Highly reputable investment professionals all confirm the strength of having industry entrepreneurs in the lead of our investment strategy. We have lived and breathed chemicals and we know where it hurts as well as where the opportunities are situated. Moreover, we know how to run innovation projects, chemical development cycles and companies in or adjacent to the chemical industry. Why? Because this is what we've done before. We just chose to turn this experience to better use for the sake of everyone, investors and society at large.

Unique Complementary Functional Team Skills

Quite often investment portfolios are managed by financial experts and lawyers. Those profiles are indeed also part of our team, but on top of that, we can build upon the authority and experience of our innovation experts, captains of industry, heavy-duty entrepreneurs, investors and many more.

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Relevant Local & Global Network and Partnership Leverage

Our founding partners and core team can achieve a lot, but it is our respective networks and the inherent partnerships out of those networks that really leverage our own skills and hence our impact. With this connectivity we can get access to almost all necessary people and resources to materialize our intentions.

Time, Place and Opportunity Matched with Passion, Energy and Credibility

Stating that the time is now is unmistakenly true. Nevertheless, those standing up are quite often not the ones who can really force a breakthrough. It will take credible, authentic industry leaders to support the transition. On a more personal level, you will have a hard time finding a more colorful pallet of individuals with such passion, energy and determination to have a positive impact. Indeed, it almost seems as if this core team was meant to come together and has been preparing this initiative throughout our respective careers.

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