Mitigate risk through sustainability options
for the future!

Hands-on innovation in sustainable polymer differentiation.

An independent extension to your in-house innovation

Leverage your internal agenda and capabilities with speed, focus and contract venturing

There are plenty of excellent ideas and opportunities to support the transition towards a more sustainable world. Commercial reality is that you will have to make choices because of available resources, time and risk appetite. This is exactly where we come in. Apart from understanding and having lived where you are coming from, we have a team that has an extensive track record in getting non-incremental innovations to the market. We can supply the entrepreneurial, executive and scientific fire power to design, develop, launch and scale up entirely new business or technology ideas in sustainable polymers or recycling without putting your core business on hold or even worse at risk. We can even help finance such initiatives, look for shared infrastructure or bootstrap from day 1. Even if you know how to do all of this, quite often you are not allowed to pilot potential breakthroughs on site. We can deal with that.

A global yet very focused advisory partner

Tap into a vast source of what to do and how to become a sustainability differentiator

Both from a functional and content perspective, trying to become more sustainable in the chemical industry requires being on top of a large number of scientific domains and functional excellence fields. Because of Triple Helix’ network structure, we have all of this knowledge and what’s more important this expertise readily available.

Whether you need to know more about open innovation, state-of-the-art financing mechanisms, the newest on recycling or simply how to find the right partners to help your go-to-market for a given product launch, we have either an answer or the right partner to propose. We just want you to succeed, so even if we are just your sounding board or ‘consiglieri’, that’s fine. Let’s collaborate!